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Got any advise for fellow warriors? add it here!

1. If you join the Horde then you will here them ALL say '90% of alliance players are either gay or under 12!' and if you join the alliance then you will here pretty much the same thing!!! I have been on servers where the Horde ALWAYS pwns in PVP and I have been on servers where the alliance pwn! Don't listen to noobs!! If you really want a Tauren but all your guildies say that taurens are gay just ignore them and make a tauren, you don't know you might really enjoy it!!!

2. Help out where you can, if your name is known and respected then you will be invited into more groups and you will make friends!! This is online so be nice and people will be nice right back!!! BUT if your a aggresive towards everyone there is a good chance that that guy you just /followed for 3 hours is gonna log out and log back in on his main on the opposing faction and give you the ass-whoopin' off a life time!! ;-)

3. Use the auction house!!! You will make much more money and have a better time in game!

4. Join a guild!!!! You will make friends, raid more and have much more fun in game!!


5. Don't get addicted, take 10 minute breaks every 1 or 2 hours and don't let it control your entire life!!!

6. Have fun!!!!!!! If you are not having fun then quit!! why play if your not having fun?!

I know this is a warrior guide but it is important that you know this! If anyone has more tips for warriors or the wow community then add them!

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